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Gym Guide

Table Of Contents:
Fun Rooms - FRG
Kanto Gyms - KRG
Johto Gyms - JRG
Hoenn Gyms - HRG
Elite Four - EF1
Legend - LEN
Final Twilight Battle - FTB
List of Badges - LOFB

Note: Any gym with a limit will not allow a pokemon over that level number be able to participate in the battle.

Fun Rooms - FRG
#1 - Gary's Room
Trainer: Gary
1. ShinyUmbreon - Level: Player Level - 1
2. Sandslash - Level: Player Level - 1 (Focus Band)

Gary's Pokemon are always one level below the highest level in your party which, coupled with the health base stat for ShinyUmbreon, makes him good to fight for new trainers.  Doublekick is the best way to go against ShinyUmbreon, and you can either use Doublekick on Sandslash as well, or give your Pokemon an ice- or grass- move.  Lower levels trainers might need to heal, so bring Leftovers or Recover.

#2 - Ash's Room
Trainer: Ash
1. ShinyPikachu - Level: Player Level - 1
2. Charizard - Level: Player Level - 1

Like Gary, both of Ash's Pokemon are one level below your strongest.  What makes Gary the better training options is really two things.  The first is that ShinyUmbreon has much more health and therefore gives more experience than ShinyPikachu.  The second is that while Charizard gives more experience than Sandslash, the gap is not so large that it makes sense to face the much more powerful Charizard.

If you want to beat him just for the sake of beating him, Doublekick works well against ShinyPikachu, while Surf will finish off Charizard.  Newer players will most likely need to heal against Charizard, due to its power.

#3 - Richie's Room
Trainer: Richie
1. Raichu - Level: Player Level - 1
2. ShinyVictreebel - Level: Player Level - 1

Richie is just like Ash, only Raichu is stronger and faster.  ShinyVictreebel has the benefit of a stat boost, but it still isn't that stronger.  Much like with Ash, Richie gives less experience than Gary, so there really is no reason to fight here.

Raichu, like ShinyPikachu before him, falls to Doublekick, while a strong fire- move like Sacred Fire will singe Victreebel.

#4 - Oak's Room
Trainer: Oak
1. Feraligatr - Level: Player Level - 1
2. Venusaur - Level: Player Level - 1

Feraligatr and Venusaur are the best of the starter evolutions for their element, proving just how well Oak knows his Pokemon.  Much like the rest of the Fun Rooms, they don't give as much experience as Gary.  But these are the Fun Rooms so you should fight him anyway.

Feraligatr has plenty of bite to go along with its growl, but Doublekic will turn this mean reptile into a nice pair of boots.  Venusaur will succumb to a
few well placed Flamethrowers.  Make sure to keep your health high if your still at low level.

#5 - Jessie's Room
Trainer: Jessie
1. DarkWobbuffet - Level: Player Level - 1 (Leftovers)
2. DarkEkans - Level: Player Level - 1

DarkWobbuffet is amazing.  Packing a tank of health and Leftovers, it will take you a little bit to beat it, which also puts it into the number two slot as the best Fun Room to gain experience at.  DarkEkans gives poor experience and it takes so much longer to kill DarkWobbuffet than ShinyUmbreon that Gary is still the best.  For those who want to know, Darkwobbuffet gives roughly double the experience and takes four to six times as long to beat.

DarkWobbuffet can't take too many dark- hits, so use Crunch to finish it off.  Toxic would be good here to cancel out Leftovers.  The type switched to poison- for DarkEkans, but he can't stand up to a psychic- move, such as Psychic.

#6 - James' Room
Trainer: James
1. DarkWeezing - Level: Player Level - 1
2. DarkCacturne - Level: Player Level - 1

James gives horrible experience, but he is just so awesome.  Might only be because he has the same name as me, but moving on...

DarkWeezing will fall quickly, especially to a psychic- move, while DarkCacturne's dark- type will make Doublekick a bane to his existence.

Kanto Gyms - KRG
Rather than give you a step by step guide through them all, I am going to list their moves and health, as well as how much total experience and money they each give.

#1 - Pewter Gym
Trainer: Brock
Limit: 20

1. Geodude - Level: 10 | 31 HP
Moves: Tackle, Rock Throw, Haze

2. Onix - Level: 15 | 40 HP
Moves: Tackle, Rock Slide, Wrap, Haze

Badge: Boulder

694 Experience

#2 - Cerulean Gym
Trainer: Misty
Limit: 25

1. Horsea - Level: 15 | 38 HP
Moves: Water Gun, Haze, <third move>

2. Staryu - Level: 18 | 44 HP
Moves: Psybeam, Haze, Tackle, Surf

3. Starmie - Level: 21 | 62 HP
Moves: Surf, Recover, Haze

Badge: Cascade

1688 Experience

#3 - Vermillion Gym
Trainer: Lt. Surge
Limit: 35

1. Pikachu - Level: 22 | 54 HP
Moves: Thunder Wave, Haze, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt

2. Magnemite - Level: 22 | 49 HP
Moves: Thunderbolt, Tackle, Haze, Thunder Wave, Swift

3. Raichu - Level: 27 | 77 HP
Moves: Swift, Thunder Wave, Body Slam, Thunderbolt, Haze

Badge: Thunder

2106 Experience

#4 - Celadon Gym
Trainer: Erika
Limit: 37

1. Tangela - Level: 22 | 67 HP
Moves: Body Slam, Absorb, <third move>, Haze

2. Gloom - Level: 25 | 72 HP
Moves: Haze, Moonlight, <third move>, Cut

3. Vileplume - Level: 32 | 99 HP
Moves: Moonlight, Cut, <third move>, Haze

Badge: Rainbow

3998  Experience

#5 - Saffron Gym
Trainer: Sabrina
Limit: 43

1. Abra - Level: 31 | 65 HP
Moves: Recover, Psychic, Psybeam, Haze

2. Kadabra - Level: 35 | 83 HP
Moves: Psybeam, Thunderbolt, Recover, Haze, Psychic

3. Alakazam - Level: 38 | 101 HP
Moves: Shadow Ball, Recover, Haze, Psychic, Psybeam

Badge: Marsh

3199 Experience

#6 - Fuchsia Gym
Trainer: Koga
Limit: 48

1. Venomoth - LeveL: 40 | 118 HP
Moves: Giga Drain, Psychic, Haze, Toxic, Fly

2. Weezing - Level: 43 | 121 HP
Moves: Body Slam, Sludge Bomb, Ice Beam, Haze, Toxic

Badge: Soul

4196 Experience

#7 - Cinnabar Gym
Trainer: Blaine
Limit: 55

1. Charmeleon - Level: 46 | 123 HP
Moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Haze

2. Magmar - Level: 50 | 140 HP
Moves: Earthquake, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Body Slam, Haze

3. Charizard - Level: 50 | 153 HP
Moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Fly,

Badge: Volcano

7364 Experience

#8 - Viridian Gym
Trainer: Giovanni
Limit: 65

1. Nidoqueen - Level: 55 | 180 HP
Moves: Giga Drain, Haze, Body Slam, Earthquake, Sludge Bomb

2. Kangaskhan - Level: 55 | 197 HP
Moves: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Body Slam, Haze

3. Nidoking - Level: 60 | 185 HP
Moves: Sludge Bomb, Body Slam, Earthquake, Haze, Giga Drain

Badge: Earth

11689 Experience

Johto Gyms - JRG
Rather than give you a step by step guide through them all, I am going to list their moves and health, as well as how much total experience and money they give.

#1 - Violet Gym
Trainer: Falkner
Limit: 85

1. Pidgeotto - Level:  75 | 202 HP
Moves: Double Team, Body Slam, Wing Attack, Haze

2. HootHoot - Level: 77 | 202 HP
Moves: Wing Attack, Body Slam, Double Team, Haze, Fly

3. Pidgeot - Level: 80 | 246 HP
Moves: Double Team, Fly, Wing Attack, Body Slam, Haze

Badge: Zephyr

11989 Experience

#2 - Azalea Gym
Trainer: Bugsy
Limit: 95

1. Pinsir - Level: 85 | 231 HP
Moves: Mega Punch, Double Team, Body Slam, Guillotine, Haze

2. Scyther - Level: 91 | 255 HP
Moves: Megahorn, Double Team, Haze, Body Slam, Wing Attack

Badge: Hive

8922 Experience

#3 - Goldenrod Gym
Trainer: Whitney
Limit: 105

1. Magneton - Level: 95 | 228 HP
Moves: Body Slam, Thunder Wave, Double Team, Haze, Thunderbolt

2. Magneton - Level: 95 | 228 HP
Moves: Body Slam, Thunder Wave, Double Team, Haze, Thunderbolt

3. Miltank - Level: 102 | 336 HP
Moves: Surf, Body Slame, <third move>, Haze

Badge: Plain

14394 Experience

#4 - Ecruteak Gym
Trainer: Morty
Limit: 115

1. Misdreavus - Level: 100 | 260 HP
Moves: Psychic, Haze, <third move>, Nightshade, Shadow Ball

2. Haunter - Level: 107 | 245 HP
Moves: Shadow Ball, Earthquake, <third move>, Psychic, Haze

3. Gengar - Level: 110 | 285 HP
Moves: Shadow Ball, Earthquake, <third move>, Psychic, Haze

Badge: Fog

13061 Experience

#5 - Olivine Gym
Trainer: Jasmine
Limit: 130

1. Magneton - Level: 125 | 297 HP
Moves: Thunder Wave, Haze, Double Team, Body Slam, Thunderbolt

Badge: MineralStorm

4688 Experience

#6 - Cianwood Gym
Trainer: Chuck
Limit: 142

1. Hitmonlee - Level: 130 | 309 HP
Moves: Seismic Toss, Body Slam, Mega Punch, Haze, Rolling Kick

2. Hitmonchan - Level: 130 | 30 HP
Moves: Mega Punch, Haze, Fissure, Mach Punch

3. Poliwrath - Level: 137 | 434 HP
Moves:Surf, Haze, <third move>, Hydro Pump

Badge: Storm

18998 Experience

#7 - Mahogany Gym
Trainer: Pryce
Limit: 155

1. Piloswine - Level: 150 | 505 HP
Moves: Haze, Ice Beam, Body Slam, Earthquake, Blizzard

2. Dewgong - Level: 150 | 475 HP
Moves: Surf, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Haze, Hydro Pump

Badge: Glacier

21375 Experience

#8 - Blackthorn Gym
Trainer: Clair
Limit: 185

1. Kingdra - Level: 175 | 500 HP
Moves: Ice Beam, Haze, Flamethrower, Surf, Dragonbreath

2. Dragonite - Level: 175 | 556 HP

3. Dragonair - Level: 170 | 438 HP
Moves: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Haze

4. Dragonite - Level: 180 | 571 HP

Badge: Rising

41851 Experience

Hoenn Gyms - HRG
All of the Pokemon in the Hoenn Gyms use the GENERIC moveset.

#1 - Rustboro Gym
Trainer: Roxanne
Limit: 210

1. Geodude - Level: 200 | 430 HP
2. Nosepass - Level: 205 | 399 HP

Badge: Stone

10613 Experience

#2 - Dewford Gym
Trainer: Brawly
Limit: 235

1. Machamp - Level: 225 | 707 HP
2. Hariyama - Level: 230 | 971 HP

Badge: Knuckle

40028 Experience

#3 - Mauville Gym
Trainer: Wattson
Limit: 255

1. Magneton - Level: 225 | 527 HP
2. Electrode - Level: 230 | 585 HP
3. Magneton - Level: 250 | 585 HP

Badge: Dynamo

28163 Experience

#4 - Lavaridge Gym
Trainer: Flannery
Limit: 285

1. Magcargo - Level: 275 | 642 HP
2. Magcargo - Level: 280 | 654 HP
3. Torkoal - Level: 280 | 766 HP

Badge: Heat

35513 Experience

#5 - Petalburg Gym
Trainer: Norman
Limit: 305

1. Vigoroth - Level: 290 | 851 HP
2. Slaking - Level: 300 | 1300 HP

Badge: Balance

51150 Experience

#6 - Fortree Gym
Trainer: Winona
Limit: 335

1. Swellow - Level: 300 | 760 HP
2. Pelipper - Level: 300 | 760 HP
3. Skarmory - Level: 325 | 855 HP
4. Altaria - Level: 330 | 934 HP

Badge: Feather

61407 Experience

#7 - Mossdeep Gym
Trainer: Liza & Tate
Limit: 355

1. Solrock - Level: 350 | 955 HP
2. Lunatone - Level: 350 | 955 HP

Badge: Mind

36750 Experience

#8 - Sootopolis Gym
Trainer: Wallace
Limit: 405

1. Luvdisc - Level: 375 | 820 HP
2. Whiscash - Level: 375 | 1322 HP
3. Sealeo - Level: 390 | 1219 HP
4. Seaking - Level: 390 | 1141 HP
5. Milotic - Level: 400 | 1290 HP

Badge: Rain

121257 Experience

#9 - GymChampion Gym
Trainer: Gym Champion
Limit: 500
Requirements: All other Gym Badges
The information posted here assumes you are fighting him with at least one Level: 500 and nothing higher. Though stronger Pokemon cannot enter this Gym,

their level is taken into account and therefore affects the level of his Pokemon.

1. Snorlax - Level: 500 | 2260 HP (Leftovers)
Moves: Mega Punch, Seismic Toss, Earthquake, Haze, Recover

2. ShinyDragonite - Level: PC * 1 | 1616 HP at PC Level: 500 (Scope Lens)
Moves: Fly, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Haze, Hyper Beam

3. ShinyXatu - Level: PC * 2.02 | 2737 HP at PC Level: 500
Moves: Double Team, Psybeam, Psychic, Haze

4. Ampharos - Level: PC * 2.02 | 3141 HP at PC Level: 500
Moves: Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Dynamic Punch, Mega Punch, Haze

5. DarkHoundoom - Level: PC * 2.02 | 2762 at PC Level: 500
Moves: Crunch, Toxic, Haze, Flamethrower, Sacred Fire

6. ShinySnorlax - Level: PC * 1 | 2310 at PC Level: 500 (Leftovers)
Moves: Dynamic Punch, Haze, Body Slam, Seismic Toss, Hyper Beam

Badge: Gym Champion

332990 Experience at PC Level: 500
$66598 at PC Level: 500
DarkSnorlax Level: 125 upon the first win. Snorlax Level: 125 is given after that

Elite Four - EF1
No guide really needed here, as they all share a type and weakness.  Just exploit the weakness and you'll have no problems.

#1 - Elite Four Trainer
Trainer: Elite Four Sidney

1. Mightyena - Level: 425 | 1157 HP
2. Shiftry - Level: 450 | 1405 HP
3. Cacturne - Level: 475 | 1292 HP
4. Sharpedo - Level: 500 | 1360 HP
5. Absol - Level: 525 | 1375 HP

Badge: E41

129470 Experience

#2 - Elite Four Trainer
Trainer: Elite Four Phoebe

1. Dusclops - Level: 550 | 1165 HP
2. Banette - Level: 575 | 1493 HP
3. Sableye - Level: 600 | 1390 HP
4. Banette - Level: 625 | 1622 HP
5. Dusclops - Level: 650 | 1375 HP

Badge: E42

116100 Experience

#3 - Elite Four Trainer
Trainer: Elite Four Glacia

1. Glalie - Level: 675 | 1967 HP
2. Sealeo - Level: 700 | 2180 HP
3. Sealeo - Level: 725 | 2257 HP
4. Glalie - Level: 750 | 2185 HP
5. Walrein - Level: 775 | 2722 HP

Badge: E43

245626 Experience

#4 - Elite Four Trainer
Trainer: Elite Four Drake

1. Shelgon - Level: 800 | 2090 HP
2. Altaria - Level: 825 | 2320 HP
3. Flygon - Level: 850 | 2475 HP
4. Flygon - Level: 875 | 2547 HP
5. Salamence - Level: 900 | 2890 HP

Badge: E44

252671 Experience

#5 - Champ Elite Four Trainer
Trainer: Champion Steven

1. Skarmory - Level: 1125 | 2935 HP
2. Claydol - Level: 1150 | 2885 HP
3. Aggron - Level: 1175 | 3182 HP
4. Cradily - Level: 1200 | 3634 HP
5. Armaldo - Level: 1225 | 3440 HP
6. Metagross - Level: 1250 | 3635 HP

Badge: Champion

389588 Experience

Legend - LEN
Trainer: TPPC Legend

1. Jirachi
2. Rayquaza
3. Metagross
4. GoldenLugia
5. ShinyKyogre
6. ShinyGroudon

Badge: Legend

Legend Guide

Final Twilight Battle - FTB
Trainer: Protector

1. UnownA
2. UnownB
3. UnownC
4. UnownD
5. UnownE
6. UnownF
7. UnownG
8. UnownH
9. UnownI
10. UnownJ
11. UnownK
12. UnownL
13. UnownM
14. UnownN
15. UnownO
16. UnownP
17. UnownQ
18. UnownR
19. UnownS
20. UnownT
21. UnownU
22. UnownV
23. UnownW
24. UnownX
25. UnownY
26. UnownZ

Badge: Twilight

List of Badges - LOFB
1. Boulder Badge
2. Cascade Badge
3. Thunder Badge
4. Rainbow Badge
5. Marsh Badge
6. Soul Badge
7. Volcano Badge
8. Earth Badge
9. Zephyr Badge
10. Hive Badge
11. Plain Badge
12. Fog Badge
13. Storm Badge
14. Mineral Badge
15. Glacier Badge
16. Rising Badge
17. Stone Badge
18. Knuckle Badge
19. Dynamo Badge
20. Heat Badge
21. Balance Badge
22. Feather Badge
23. Mind Badge
24. Rain Badge
25. E41 Badge
26. E42 Badge
27. E43 Badge
28. E44 Badge
29. Champion Badge
30. Legend Badge
31. Twilight Badge
32. Gym Champion Badge

Other Information and Questions
What does <third move> mean?

<third move> simply means that nothing happened during that particular attack.  The battle information was given something like what follows.

Chansey used SOFTBOILED!
Chansey regained HP!
Gloom took damage from the poison!

As you can see, I used my move, but the enemy did not use a move.  My theory is that this happens for one of two reasons.  Either the enemy was not assigned

a move to go there but tries to use one anyway or it was assigned a move that was removed before the final release of version seven. It might even be more

than one move.

I noticed something you missed in your guide, what should I do?
If you find out that an enemy has a move I missed, or an item, or figure out what <third move> is, send me the information in a Private Message.  I will put

it into this guide and give you credit.

For items, I must ask that you either take a screenshot or copy and paste it being used, rather than just telling me what you THINK it is.

Why do some Pokemon have five moves? Isn't that not possible?
Yes, it is.  There are two moves that are generic to everyone Pokemon, and those are Haze and Flamethrower.  Shrimpy coded the RPG so that Pokemon will

always use Flamethrower if they have not done damage in four turns.  This only applies to NPCs, not your own Pokemon.  Haze is just there to make it harder.

Since they have those two generic moves, each Pokemon has at most six moves.  Haze is listed with all of them, but Flamethrower is not.  (Please note there

is an exception to the Fun Rooms, Elite Four and Legend, and the Towers)

Special Thanks and Credit
Original credit for the guide goes to Kife. I simply finished it and added more information.
Thanks and credit to Shrimpy, of course, for making the RPG.
Credit for the Gym Champion goes to Bodo.
Thanks to Lillith for letting me borrow a few Pokemon.

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Re: Gym Guide

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Re: Gym Guide

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if they're, you end when the questionnable nature herself worship concluded. the particular earth is type of, you are able to act like every one of your woman cruelties. as a result smoo is rational,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, immediately every single one of attend crazi with libido. He most likely was latest near the combat using Muhlberg (1547), the particular win got quite a few greater than diane at Saxony appears to be owning principally to the exertions. He took bit in the subsequent duress amongst Wittenberg, or presided at the court-Martial which experts claim sought one particular electhat will helpr and in addition ruined your ex to illness. In 1552 Alva was indeed intrusted in the command it to this internet marketer intended to occupy people from france, together with turned out serious for a while any defeated stress of Metz.
"many partner seemed online to suit the child, Gasped Tess,Jeremy Scott Wings, begin. "i've never experienced o' the, "a of--'tis whispered; A woman of most his well-known get ranked, muscle development when their particular families; your doctor to do with Divinity's simple princess in close his or father's parish Emminster; He have a tendency fantastic look after her, they mentioned. yet he catastrophe get married to your woman's, they'd been made aware indeed almost no of the; currently it was a good deal of to formulate wretched dolorous goals along, here in the shade of the night time.
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